Culture & identity

Clang & clash: Unravelling memory, untangling emotion 

“My stomach growls as my feet shuffle through the streets adorned with red lampposts, on the hunt for a warm bowl of congee to soothe my stuffy sinuses and aching throat. Normally, my dad would cook a batch at our family restaurant, located on the familiar corner of Fraser and 49th in Vancouver but things are different now…”

“Gold Mountain River”: (Re)Discovering our Chinese-Canadian Heritage

“By retelling the legacies of Chinese-Canadians that are less commonly acknowledged in public narratives, perhaps we can (re)discover how our present lives have been fundamentally shaped by the contributions and relationships forged by Chinese-Canadians from the past. Despite the fact that our lived experiences as Chinese-Canadians may differ, learning about the foundational contributions from the past is a way for us to understand how we are inherently connected to one another….”