A short documentary exploring the impact of Tristar Taiji on the health and wellbeing of immigrant communities, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Features the Li Rong Wushu and Qigong Academy based in East Vancouver.

Crispy Bittermelon Vermicelli | 煎米包

A homemade take on a dish that’s grown in popularity among Cantonese restaurants in recent years.

Zyu Faan (煮飯) 

A 2 minute, no dialogue, no music short film produced for UBC ACAM 350 (Asian Canadian Community Media).

Where I’m Grounded 

How does the present depend on the past? Where I’m Grounded features the perspectives of three generations of Chinese Canadians and explores how they forge relationships through engaging with their family history. In doing so, this film offers insight on different generations’ hopes for the future of their family histories.

Locating Our Intersections

What does it mean to be queer and Asian within the context of Asian diasporic communities in Vancouver? Three young individuals explore some of the unique intersections that can arise from being queer and Asian, and illuminate how their experiences with identity, family and community are shaped by their particular locations.